Future Aims

In de next 2 years I want to specialize in de study of detached houses. I want to get a complete image of all the different specializations for building a house and to learn all the skills necessary for designing every component.

I also want to study how different spaces, colors and texture of materials influences the users inside a building.

I’m particularly interested in working spaces. As final project in my architecture study I would like to study and research how different working spaces could have a very positive influence on their users in terms of high production level to build a prototype building with this purpose. For this project I would like to work together with another student form the architecture study or another faculty to gather and develop knowledge from different points of view.

After my final project I’m thinking of designing detached houses and business complexes, and within 6 or 7 years I would start designing skyscrapers.

I think the future is all about communication skills. When someone knows exactly his purpose, it is quite easy to find the resources needed to get it accomplished.