Critical Review

Here I give my opinion about the website of one of my fellow students, Maartje Fleur van Gerwen.

This is the address of the website:

I like the layout of this website and I find ok the way it starts. I think it could be a little bit more personal.

The quantity of material for the portfolio is quite good and representative but the size used in the description could be bigger to make it more readable.

In “organogram” there is a rational scheme of a good designing  process, I would find interesting to see one more elaborated than a traditional one.

I like the architecture shown in the pictures. Here I would have applied the same format for every picture to make a cleaner impression.

In “vergelijking” there’s a good description and comparison of two buildings. But the text could have been more properly typed and the distant between paragraphs the same.

I find this video appropriated because it is the location of the project the student is involved with. I just find necessary to mention the reference of the video when being from someone else.

I suppose that the bibliography used for the website shouldn’t just be all the study books of the architecture study. There are other books that can be inspiring for making a website.

In the essay there aren’t any key words or at least there is no mention of it. I think if you choose to talk deeper about a subject, specially your own one, you could at least make it more interesting putting pictures and sketches.

studie proposel
In “study proposel” she uses the Future Impact program but it lacks a more specific description of what she is about to do in the future.